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Thursday 26 April 2018
26 April 2018 - NEWS UPDATE
Climate Change

Greg Barker quits as Energy Minister as Paterson sacked as Environment Secretary

Greg Barker has quit his position as Energy Minister as the Prime Minister completes the reshuffle of his Government Cabinet, which includes the sacking of Environment Secretary Owen Paterson.



Battery lease scheme for used electric vehicles could dramatically boost new EV car sales

Sales of new electric cars are up 246% compared to this time last year, helped by improved charging infrastructure, the continued offer of £5,000 government contributions and a noted change in the public’s approach to range anxiety and environmental protection.



Overfishing in the English Channel leads to calls for maritime “recovery zones”

Decades of overfishing in the English Channel has resulted in the removal of many top predators from the sea and left fishermen 'scraping the barrel' for increasing amounts of shellfish to make up their catch.


Renewable Energy

Renewable energy generation jumps by more than a third in South West

Renewable electricity in the South West has surged by 37 per cent in the past year –enough to now power over a quarter of the region’s homes.


Climate Change

UK to fall short on carbon reduction targets, Govt’s climate panel warns

The Government’s independent climate change watchdog has warned that the UK is likely to fall short of emission reducing targets because of a lack of strength in key policies.



SW firm helps police chiefs save £2m through recycling patrol car parts

Going green when it comes to vehicle parts has saved 40 Police Forces in the UK more than £2 million since the introduction of a pioneering scheme in 2010.

Renewable Energy

UK opens up more seabed to match renewable energy demand

The Crown Estate, manager of the UK seabed, has agreed 11 new leasing deals to further open up the country’s waters to match the increasing demand from the renewable energy market.


Renewable Energy

Almost £300m invested in booming independent renewables sector last year

Almost £300m was invested in commercial-scale independent renewable energy projects by businesses, communities, farmers and landowners last year, new figures reveal.