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Thursday 26 April 2018
26 April 2018 - NEWS UPDATE

Cornwall cab firm pioneers electric vehicles

A pioneering Cornwall cab company has clocked up 150,000 miles and more than 37,000 individual fares in its fleet of 100 per cent electric Nissan LEAF taxis.


Cab company owner Michelle Williams

Climate Change

Climate change threat to N Atlantic ecosystems

Rising temperatures, acidified seawater and increased storminess are driving profound changes in the marine ecosystems of the North Atlantic, according to a new report.

Kelp forest  animals RJ2 Paul Naylor 07041 351307 WEB

At risk: a kelp forest

Community Energy

Community projects supported by Cornwall Council’s green loan fund

Cornwall Council is the first local authority in the UK to set up a £1m revolving fund to support community energy schemes. Renewable energy projects set up with the aim of benefitting local communities have now been successful in applying for a loan to make their schemes a reality.


Photograph: The Transition Ladock and Grampound Road Scheme

Renewable Energy

Government rules out Hafren’s Severn Barrage saying Regen SW’s approach is best

The Government has ruled out Hafren Power's controversial Severn barrage saying it accepted Regen SW's view that a balanced technology approach to realise the potential renewable resources in the Bristol Channel is the way forward.


Case not proven: the proposed barrage

Renewable Energy

Green light for world's biggest wind farm

The East Anglia One offshore wind farm that is expected to support almost 2,900 jobs and bring over £520 million of investment into the UK’s economy has been given consent from the Government to go ahead.


Climate Change

Multimillion boost as China and UK sign nuclear deal

The UK and Chinese Government have signed a civil nuclear agreement that could be worth hundreds of millions of pounds to British companies over several years.


Deal means China can invest in Hinkley Point C project

Renewable Energy

Wadebridge plans revolution in community energy generation

By Stephen Frankel. It is hard to image that Wadebridge was once a centre of technological innovation because the view over the estuary town from the A39 flyover offers few clues to its industrialised past.


Illustration of the proposed Wadebridge Smart Innovation Hub designed by Bodmin based architects ARCO2

Green Living

Report calls on councils to stop blocking community energy schemes

A new report from Westminster think tank ResPublica has revealed that community owned energy could grow 89 times its current size if councils stopped blocking and started helping the industry.


Westmill Co-op was established in 2004 for the aim of constructing and operating a community wind farm in Oxfordshire