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Thursday 26 April 2018
26 April 2018 - NEWS UPDATE
Green Living

Langage Farm’s biogas facility will soon move into profit

Langage Farm expects to make a profit from its biogas plant's digestate next year having successfully built up a market for biofertiliser.


The Langage AD plant

Renewable Energy

South West Energy Centre aims to grow green sector

A £6.6m community Energy Centre to drive sustainability and low carbon training in the South West has been launched in Paignton.


The South West Energy Centre

Green Living

Former Plymouth Business School head to lead Canadian fracking inquiry

The former head of Plymouth Business School is to carry out a review of fracking for the Nova Scotia Government.


Dr David Wheeler

Renewable Energy

US researchers find wind farms do not impact on local house prices

A team of leading researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory analysed more than 50,000 home sales near 67 wind farms in 27 counties across nine US states, yet was unable to uncover any impacts to nearby home property values.


Turbines have no effect on house prices in the US

Climate Change

Davey: shale gas development will not affect climate change targets

Ed Davey today made the case for the safe and responsible exploration of shale gas in the UK, in line with the UK's climate change targets.


A fracking site: Photograph Cuadrilla

Climate Change

Crop pests advance 3 km a year as climate threatens food security

A new study has revealed that global warming is resulting in the spread of crop pests towards the North and South Poles at a rate of nearly 3 km a year.


The mountain pine beetle has devastated US forests

Renewable Energy

Major wind farm planned for South West coast

Final consultations are being held ahead of a planning application to build an offshore wind farm off the South West coast nearly twice the size of the London Array.


Location of Navitus Bay Wind Park


CBI calls for big push on energy efficiency

The CBI has today called for a major push on energy efficiency, urging the Government to streamline overlapping policies and for companies to step up action on energy efficiency to cut bottom line costs, manage risks and open up growth opportunities.