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Thursday 26 April 2018
26 April 2018 - NEWS UPDATE
Climate Change

Melting Arctic ice could cause $60 trillion global economic catastrophe

A giant methane burp in the Arctic could cost the world's economy a colossal $60 trillion. Billions of tonnes of the greenhouse gas methane are trapped just below the surface of the East Siberian Arctic shelf and could be released by global warming.


Map showing (in white) the ice extent in July 2013; the orange line is the median extent 1981-2010. The UK is lower left of the illustration.


Chancellor offers huge tax breaks to boost UK shale gas industry

Chancellor George Osborne has promised to push through big tax cuts to boost the UK's shale gas industry. The Treasury has today launched a consultation pre-empting the launch of a new tax regime for shale gas, including a new shale gas 'pad' allowance.


Crown Estate calls for expressions of interest in offshore wind off-grid projects

As part of the offshore wind test and demonstration leasing programme launched in June, The Crown Estate has today called for expressions of interest in non-grid connected (off-grid) projects and variations to existing offshore wind projects.

Renewable Energy

Somerset communities to benefit from hosting Hinkley nuclear plant

The community around the proposed twin-reactor at Hinkley Point nuclear plant could receive £128m in benefits for living close to the project. The proposal is part of a Government deal to recognise the scale and duration of the impact of new nuclear power stations on their localities and to ensure communities benefit from the role they play in national power generation, Ministers said today.


The proposed Hinkley C nuclear project

Renewable Energy

New pylon design could be used at Hinkley Point

A pylon that has won an international design competition may be used for the first time in the UK at the Hinkley Point nuclear power station. The T-pylon could help to address some of the concerns raised by the public about the connection's impact on the landscape.


The T-pylon

Renewable Energy

Cornish survey reveals sceptism over Green Investment Bank

A majority of renewables experts do not believe the £3 billion invested in the Green Investment Bank (GIB) is sufficient to help accelerate the UK's transition to a more green economy. Only one fifth believe the GIB's investment strategy is correct, and difficulty in sourcing private sector investment is seen as the greatest threat to the development of renewable power generation in the UK, according to a survey.


Private sector investment is chief problem for major renewable energy projects

Renewable Energy

Government says EMR plan should ease investor fears

The Government has published details of the draft Electricity Market Reform (EMR) Delivery Plan which it says will increase investor certainty and deliver £110bn of investment into energy infrastructure. The plan, published today for consultation, provides detail on the support mechanism (long-term Contracts for Difference) and draft strike prices for renewables investors, which Ministers believe will keep the lights on and bills and emissions down.


No strike price for new-build biomass

Green Living

Overwhelming support for a green future

The British public supports moves to an efficient, clean, fair, and safe energy system but distrust remains a concern, university researchers have found.


Public concern