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Thursday 26 April 2018
26 April 2018 - NEWS UPDATE
Green Living

5 ways to make the most of your conservatory

Great all-year round and easily customisable and planned to suit your needs, conservatories can be some of the most versatile additions to any property. With so many design solutions to choose from, it can be hard to make up your mind but we’ve rounded up the 10 best ways to make the most of your conservatory. Whether money is no issue or you only have a tight budget to make it work, find your dream conservatory inspiration right there!


Green Living

How to maintain your home the green way

There are enough wasteful things in the world, especially when it comes to renovating your home. Painters, plasterers, waste disposal experts, removal companies, gardeners and hundreds of other services are vital to getting your house up to scratch – but most of them will leave a carbon footprint the size of that monster from Harry and the Hendersons.

Green Living

How to: Make your yacht go green

Your boat is, almost without a doubt, a symbol of unparalleled decadence, especially if it's a yacht or a motorboat. These aren't the kind of vessels required for practical purposes. They're the ultimate boy's toy.


Green Living

Using Biomass Boilers to Warm Up Your Future

Keeping our homes warm and comfortable is essential, particularly in Britain where our winters have the potential to devastate communities. Global warming continues to bring worsening weather, harsher winters, stormy summers, and there have been global movements to pursue greener energy options for the benefit of the worldwide community. Reducing your carbon footprint can start right from changing your heating options. The renewable option of the future that could provide our green solutions? Biomass boilers.

Green Living

Study looks at human impact on declining bird numbers on the Wirral

A new study, commissioned by Natural England and carried out by leading UK Ecology consultancy, Thomson Ecology has been looking at the impact of recreational activities on important bird species within the Mersey Narrows and North Wirral Foreshore Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs).

Green Living

Scotland moves to ban GM crops under new EU laws

The Scottish Government has moved swiftly to take advantage of new EU laws to outlaw the growing of genetically modified (GM) crops.

Green Living

Scotland targets waste reduction in the workplace

Zero Waste Scotland has launched a campaign to help cut waste at work with a new package of support to help businesses encourage their staff to use energy, water and materials more efficiently.

Green Living

Leicester bids for programme to develop electrically assisted pedal cycle hubs

Leicester has submitted a bid for funding to support a major programme to develop Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle (EAPC) hubs.