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Thursday 26 April 2018
26 April 2018 - NEWS UPDATE
Green Living

How to: Make your yacht go green

Your boat is, almost without a doubt, a symbol of unparalleled decadence, especially if it's a yacht or a motorboat. These aren't the kind of vessels required for practical purposes. They're the ultimate boy's toy.


Consider Entourage or Wolf of Wall Street or any other film featuring overgrown men-children who love nothing more than throwing money in the air and glugging on expensive champagne laced with caviar. Almost guaranteed, you'll find a yacht somewhere in the narrative, usually being partied on by hundreds of buxom babes in bikinis that show more skin than a onesie designed by Ed Gein.

There's a big reason why yachts always appear on these shows. They're for the rich and wealthy, and they exist for little else except leisure.

But none of this means that your yacht has to be wasteful. With the correct construction, you can own a yacht that's eco-friendly – and continue your decadent lifestyle with a clear conscience.

The perfect glue

The wrong kind of adhesive can be more wasteful than a glutton at a food bank. The nozzles of the canisters are situated in the least convenient way possible. You're more likely to get glue down your overalls than on your substrates.

This might not sound like the biggest problem in the world, but a poor adhesive could make or break a boat. It's quite literally holding the whole thing together.

It's tempting to vie for a cheaper alternative, but we'd recommend Tensor for any marine glue needs you have. They've got a wide variety of products on their site, each of which is specially tailored to a different marine task.

Select a few and you'll reduce waste while you tinker with your yacht and, in turn, contribute towards a safer environment.

Good wood

Finding the perfect kind of wood for your yacht isn't just a case of quality, although that's obviously an important issue. It's also a matter of aesthetics.

Different woods, especially when it comes to the interiors of your hull, can create a markedly different finish on your boat. If you want an old timey-feel, for instance, a sturdy balsa wood could give your luxury yacht the feel of the high seas.

And they don't have to be purchased from a wasteful provider. Plenty of companies can sell you recycled woods that will make you an eco-warrior of the high seas.

Consider this strategy for any other materials and you'll most likely reduce your budget as well as your impact on the environment.

Got any tips of your own on how to make your boat green? Then let us know in the comments below
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